self love is the best love

Thanks to Corona ya girl is off again, that means I have some more time to focus on myself. I didn’t take advantage of my free time the last go round, so this time I ain’t tryna play no games.

I took these goals from my list of 20 goals I would like to complete by 30. I relazied that these goals all have something in common….


Speaking of self love, that reminds me of this cute Petals and Peacocks shirt that keeps popping up on my IG feed.

But anyways, here’s the things I’m trying to compelte on my quarantine vaction.

  1. Read More Books
  2. Attain a healthy scalp
  3. Make exercise a part of my life
  4. Master my cooking skills
  5. Study healing elements
  6. Learn how to give myself a good pedicure
  7. Adapt a healthy diet
  8. Live a happy & successful life

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