fOur eyes.

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1/4 of my new glasses from Eye Buy Direct. These are Versus — $9

I have been wearing glasses since elementary school and I used to hate them. I recall this one particular time that I got these really big ones that made me look like a true nerd and I stomped on them so I could get a new pair. 😩

It’s funny how the big ones are now my favorite.

So yeah, I bought 4 new pairs from Eye Direct. I got 4 pairs, lenses included and two cases. The prescpiton lenses were not included free, of course. However the standard lenses were only $18.95. I did try the Blue Light Blocking lenses which were about $10 more in the pairs I figured I would be wearing the most, since I do use a lot of tech. There was also a promotion going on, so extra savings. 🤑🤑🤑

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These are the Ledger — $32
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There are Palette — $9

I would say, you do get what you pay for because my $9 pairs definetly feel cheap but they’re still decent for the price. I like that I am able to acessorize with my glasses now. Also love that when I can’t find my glasses now I can easily reach for a new pair to look for them lol.

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These are Her -$45

Looking for my glasess used to be a real stuggle.

They came in these cute little boxes that I am now using as store for son’s crayons and markers. Recycle packing is a plus.

Definitely will be buying again and I don’t think I will be buying expensive glasses ever again. Accessioze me please.


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