MY Necessaire Review

At the beginning of Corna I dove deep into skincare and bought a lot of stuff. 


Which was bad for my pockets but good for reviewing! 

One of the things I was most excited about getting was my Necessaire products because I loved the idea of treating my body like my face and showing it a bit more TLC. 

It’s been a about two months since and I must say I don’t think it was worth it.


Necessaire is NOT cheap. The body wash and lotion (seperatly) is $25, the exfoliator is $30 and the serum is $45. Now you can get them in a set for $100 which includes a deodorant or just the body wash, lotion and exfoliator for $60. Which isn’t bad,….if it was good.

It did make me feel like I was taking a luxurious shower but that’s about it.

I like smell and although fragrance free is better for your skin, I like to my nose to be happy, and it wasn’t. The scent was really light so if you have senstive skin but still want a little smell good, this might be for you.

My favorite thing was the serum, because again, I like the idea of it. A serum for you body? Yes please! I use it particularly on my dull areas because the hyaluronic acid has done wonders for my face. And that’s pretty all it is. It has a few vitamins in it but essentially it’s just a hyaluronic acid for your body.

Also not a fan of the lotion, again, I prefer scents and my favorite lotion to use is my Cocount & Papaya one from Nubian Heritage.. Once I find a product I love I try to stick to it. I don’t want to become a product junkie, and besides thats what subscription boxes are for. But one day when I forgot my son’s lotion so I used this because the lotion on him and I must say I liked what it did for his eczema prone skin.

I have been meaning to use it more consistently with him, just to see if I should continue buying it for him but if you know me, you know consistency isn’t really my thing. 

Oh yeah another thing about expensive products is that I’m a little more hesitant when squeezing it out or even using it for that matter. I found myself using my other body washes when I felt the bottle was looking a little lower than I would like Ha.

But yeah, the only products I may buy again are the lotion and the serum. .but I do love the idea of treating your body like your face. So next I may just try Dermaologica, who is even more expensive but I would like to see what it’s about. 

I’ll probably never get in front of the camera to review products but I will tag good ones below!

So this is the review by LaBeautyologist whom I love! She’s who’s skincare routine I have been following and also the reason I checked Necessaire out.

This reviw i felt was the most informative. If you’re more into what is acctually in the product.

This is the review I related to the most. 

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