Originally posted August 8th, 2020

Taken from my IG:

I love hustlers, probably because I consider myself one. So seeing other hustlers reach success is always inspiring to me. Recently I have become very inspired by bsmionr journey to a million. So today, after 3 weeks of stagnancy, I sit down she started tweaking my plans again. While doing so, I remembered this man I met a couple months ago at B&N. We spoke about hair which lead into journalism which led into me sharing my goals of starting a local newspaper. He said he could help and to give him a call in next month (March) with everything that was going on, I didn’t. But today I thought about him and decided to give him a call, mainly just to make sure he was ok. Being that he is an older gentleman. He was great. We had a nice talk about the business, education and God, at the end of the conversation he said “I’m going to make you a millionaire” and I believe it 100%. I finally have a mentor. Look at God.

Today was a good day. Despite everything that is going on, it was a good day. I whole heartedly believe that I could become a millionaire. I don’t even want to do it all for the money, but just to say I did it, and so can you. I want to inspire the kids who look like me.

The things that I need to succeed that I am currently lacking are:

The plan

The discipline

The consistency

My dad sent me a video today about a guy who didn’t make it through Shark Tank but still managed to become a success after. He said the two things you need are a dream and the drive. And that’s two things I do have. The dream and the drive is why I haven’t given up. But I do need to push my foot on the gas, lol. I think that if I had those 3 things in the bunch, that I will push through.

I’m excited because I’m almost back on go. Almost.

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