wigs galore.

Ima be 30 years old next year 🙃 and I have a few goals I would like to reach by then. Like clear skin and a toned body. But most of all I would like to glam it up a bit.

Now, I won’t say I’m a basic b*tch….

but I am pretty low maintenance.

Honestly the upkeep for *that* look is just too damn expensive.

So I have been trying to find ways to look like that b*tch without spending like that b*tch. And that’s brings me to synthetic wigs. 

Yup. Synthetic wigs.

I used to think what you’re thinking.

"Yuck, I don’t do synthetic wigs".

I even searched twitter for the comments about synthetic wigs and they made me L O L.

That one was my fav.

But I’m still finna wear them though. 

Even FB gave me some pressure about my synthetic wigs, chile. The worst part about it is I thought for sure my FB peps would appreciate my post but WRONG I was 😩😭.

I’m being extra, their responses weren’t so bad. The girls who have tried them just shared that they have had bad experiences with them. And the worst part about is that I had just brought 7 more of them. 😳

And I know, with the amount of money I spent I could have just gotten a human hair wig. The truth is, I already have two and I’m not really good with them yet. So before I go spending anymore money on wigs I can’t style, I will practice on these cheap wigs. Another plus about synthetic wigs is that they come pretty much ready to wear.

I am growing my hair back out (possibly loc’ing). So things are about to get ugly, which is why I’m tapping into the wig world. 

Plus I rarely go out and with corona going on, I doubt I’ll be out anytime soon. But for a quick store run and to go to work, I want to look cute. I’m saying that to say, these wigs are not really something I want to invest more just something I want to have fun with and accessoirze with.

I can’t be the only one who thinks that some hairstyles look better with certain outfits!?

I do want to try Wigs By Jenny and Hair ViVi which are human hair wigs. What I like about them is that, aside from cutting the lace, that seem to come ready to wear.

Here are the synthetic wigs I purchased, please tell me they don’t look good 🙄🙄🙄 pleaseeeeee ok.

This is the wig I posted on FB.

This is the one I’m wearing in the picture. Sis SLAYED this wig cause Letty def looks wig-y but she made it look great.

Chanel is one of my favs when it comes to wigs.. She always makes her wigs look BOMB dot com.

I got this same exact wig because I love that color. I did have to search around for it but eventually found it on Mane Gang.

I think I’m most excited for Gabreila.

I wanted some short wigs for work, I thought this one was perfect.

BeautyW Cat talks about two wigs in this video but she made Ramona look so good, I had to share. If you scroll about 4 mins in, you’ll see how she styles her.

Doll Face Lyric is another fav. She is why I got the Ariel and Ella wigs, both of which, she shows in the video. They are both super long like my straight wig, which makes me feel like a stripper, and I like that.

So far I have only received two wigs, I ordered off Glamour Tress and Mane Gang. Glamour Tress shipped my first two wigs hecka fast so I ordered with them again.

I would say the wigs do look wig-y as hell when you first get them, like my Letty for example. But you can definitely work that out and if all else fails, I will just throw a hat or a scarf on it and call it a day.

I will post more about my wigs when the others arrives.

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