29 and a half.

This weekend I celebrated my half way mark to 30. I imagined my life be so different by the time I was 30. But hey, didn’t most of us.

I have been watching Girlfriends on Netflix and coincidentally on the first episode Joan was turning 29. From watching the show, I would say Joan and I have a few things in common but she has a beautiful home and her dream career which I do not.

Being a Child Care Director is a pretty cool title but for me the job is unfulfilling. I want to travel, I want to inspire people and try new things, visit new places.

But anyways, I thought it was a fine time to revisit my list of goals I wanted to reach by 30. I have 6 months to make some things shake, check me out.

  1. Move out of parents house (in this economy, a joke)
  2. Get son off the boob (cons of breastfeeding)
  3. Practice more self care
  4. Read more books
  5. Attain a healthy scalp
  6. Make exercise a part of my life
  7. Master my cooking skills
  8. Study healing elements (crystals, herbs, oils)
  9. Take better care of my car
  10. Put more focus on my son’s growth
  11. Get a new Macbook (done)
  12. Learn how to give myself a pedicure (kinda done, I have learned about would like to get better) (I think I’m replacing this rule with learning how to do my own hair aka wigs)
  13. Learn how to play chess (at least the basics)
  14. Get my son to sleep nights alone
  15. Adapt a healthy diet
  16. Get a new tattoo(S) (I would love to get tatted by King Sunni)
  17. Order needs for self care (done! now my goal is to write about it)
  18. Change Wardrobe (done)
  19. Live a happy & successful life
  20. Create a newspaper

I would like to write more but it is 11:32 at night and my feet hurt because I have been cleaning all evening. So I’m out. I’ll be back though.

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