Sunday Glory

Today went to Cooper’s Hawk, which is one of my favorite restaurants. Mainly because of their wine. On the way, I thought about how their initials are the same as mine, CH. I also thought if I should tip the person who brought out my food.

I have been tipping a bit more since the pandemic started but I only had a $20 cash on me. I thought, well they are only bringing it to the car.. f*ck a tip.

I arrived and they brought my food out, the guy so gently placed my items in my car and was very polite. Plus he was young, I feel like younger people are more appreciative of a good tip we’re older people feel entitled to it. But that’s just my opinion.

I called him back and handed him the $20. When I do generous things like that, I comfort myself with the thought that it will come back to me.

So as I was driving, the greedy girl that I am checked the bags trying to see what I can eat while I was driving and it was then that I noticed I had gotten someone’s else food. As I continued to search, I noticed that not only did I get someone’s else food. I got TWO others food plus mine.


My generous tip had already came back to me. They did miss my blueberry wine and although I was excited to try it, I could not complain.

I mean maybe the “right” thing to do was to return it but in the midst of a pandemic, I myself wouldn’t want any food another stranger could have tampered with. Plus I had a hungry toddler in the car and would not dare turn around.

But anyways, I say all this to say that faith is truly power. Manifestation is real.

I’m no B Simone, but I’m trying to manifest the life I want for real.

Oh yeah, it should also be noted that we all shared the same beginning letters, CH.

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