Dear Diary 10.04

Today I bought a full length mirror for my room. I felt like I needed it to take better “influencer” pictures.

It’s not that I really want to become an influencer but I need to build a following because there is a product I want to sell. (More on that later.)

I am so feeling my new mirror though. Yesterday, I had went to Target and seen myself in this exact mirror and I felt beautiful, so today I went back and got it.

I’m trying to figure out how to arrange it so everyone won’t know that my room is about the size of a shoe box 🥴

Oh well. It is small but it’s my room. I grew up in this room. Now, I have my son in this room.

I want to move but #inthiseconomy, it seems more realistic to stay put until I find a 1. Rich husband or 2. Become a thousandaire, so I’m working on the latter.

Instead of using the money I had to put first, last and deposit on an apartment I would still have to furnish, I invested it. Right into myself. I bought things I needed to boost my confidence. Like new clothes, shoes, perfumes, wigs, etc. I feel like that’s where success starts, in the confidence you have in yourself.

So I bought myself things to mask my insecurities until I do the healing to fix them externally. Pretty much, faking it until I make it. Ha. But I need to have the confidence in order to see this thing through. As a told my dad when I first embarked on my journey of reinventing myself.. “people only pay attention to people they like to look at.”

Me in my tiny and messy room.

If you’re reading this, say hi! Chat with me on social media @chieaynne 👋🏾


  1. Lisa-Maria Lamprecht

    That last quote makes me sad! And I don’t think it’s entirely true but there definitely is some truth to it! I do believe in faking it til you make it though – confidence is KEY. If you believe in yourself and what you’re doing enough you will succeed! Have you seen ‘catch me if you can’?

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