Writing more. Part 2.

Guess who’s back? Back again. Chi’s back. Tell a friend. (If you know what I’m referencing, I 💙 you.)

Two posts in a day. This girl is on fire!

I’m really really trying to get in the habit of writing more. About any and everything.

I seen this post on IG today:

From the.letterk on IG

And it made me want to keep writing. I want to talk more about dating, about this melatonin I gave my son tonight and about the new shoes I got this week.

These are my favorite out of the two.

Or about the nail salon whom I have a love/hate relationship with.

I just got them done yesterday and look at this!

But I don’t think any of that is worth more than another sentence.

Well, maybe the dating is.

I’ll save that topic for another night though.

I guess I’ll just share what I hope to accomplish with this blog. In my hopes and dreams, I will become a successful entrepreneur one day and this blog will be the blueprint of how I got there.

I used to love blogs but these days they have been replaced with mini versions of blogs on social media. So I’m blogging because 1. I missed blogs and 2. Because I took the advice from my fave, Alex Wolf and wanted to create something that was my own. Like Alex says, what if IG crashes today, where will your audience find you?

So I’m here.

I want to provide something that is real. I feel like everyone is just putting on a show. The pictures, the captions, the smiles, everything just seems so forced. I want to share the real of trying to become successful. The relationships, the fails, the wins and the days where I do absolutely nothing, like today.

If you’re reading this, I’m so happy you are here and I hope you stick around.

Chat with me! Leave a comment, tweet me, or dm me on IG.

Let’s #connect 😉

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