Cooking #nstuff

It’s 3:00am, the first of November and I’m up listening to Billie Holiday’s “I’ll Be Seeing You” on repeat. You know those nights were you go to sleep super early, so you wake up even earlier? Well unfortunately, it’s one of those nights for me, so I decided to write. Lucky you.

It has been a good week. One thing in particular that I’m proud of, is that I got my a** in the kitchen THREE times. One, two, f***ing three. Unbelievable.

It’s not that I can’t cook, or that I don’t enjoy it. I have just been lazy… if we’re being honest.

I want to be *that mom* who cooks, so I’m trying to be better about actually doing it.

I stay purchasing cookbooks, trying one recipe and never returning to it. But this week, I tried TWO of mandajesspanda’s recipes from her Volume 2 cookbook. Which were her Baked Ziti and her adobo chicken with paprika rice.

I was not a fan of the ziti. When following the Ziti recipe, it felt like I was following the recipe of someone who was just in the kitchen one day, making up a recipe as she goes. Some ingredients seemed unnecessary to me BUT I am a fairly new cook and it was an island inspired style of ziti so…

But that chicken though?! That chicken was BOMB dot COM. I knew it was going to be good just from the marinade.

The way it was smelling.. I just knew. One thing I enjoy most about cooking is the aroma. It was most definitely pleasing to the nose.

I let the chicken marinate overnight, after finding out I was supposed to let it marinate for at least 3 hours when I was trying to cook it that same night.


As I posted on my IG story that night, make sure you READ (not skim) the directions BEFORE you start to cook #chitip.

I’m glad I did though because it was extremely tasty. The rice was also great, I used a Spanish yellow instead of the recommended basmati rice. No regrets there because it was.. *chef’s kiss* marvelous.

Yesterday I tried mrmakeithappen’s crab cakes. I do have a cookbook of his as well but this recipe is to be found right on his YouTube channel. As he suggested, season mine to taste so my measurements were different than what his recipe calls for but still another bomb dot com dish.

I’ll probably be trying out more recipes and reviewing them here.

It might actually become a thing. We shall see.

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