The mother, the writer, the creative, the daughter, the sister, the niece, the cousin, the aunt, the child care director, the teacher, the boss, the business owner, the dreamer. These are just a few of the titles I identify with.

Mother, dreamer and creative are the ones I identify with the most.

Granddaughter, is one identify with the least.

I’m also an astrology nerd, a tarot reader and a Christian.

Yeah, I know Christians aren’t supposed to be tarot readers.

I identify with Christianity because it’s the identity that saved me. Although I don’t agree with a lot of Christians or their so called Christian beliefs. I just know the way I came.

I identify with being a mystic and an empath.

I identify as a Pisces.

I identify with women, especially black women.

I identify with being black.

I try to identify with my Nigerian roots through the stories of Oshun.

I identify as a woman, she/her.

I identify as a straight or cis.

I identify as a member of the BeyHive. Also a Hottie.

I identify with the people who feel like they would be lost without music.

Music has connected me with a lot of people I call friends today. Whether it be through our shared love for Kanye West back in 09, or through the lyrics, the local shows and the topics on social media.

I identify as many things. Many of nights I have identified as this woman.

Spiritually, I identify as

I identify with the single women who have just about given up on men altogether.

I identify with the women who are dealing with unhealed trauma.

I identify with the women who have cheated, who have been cheated on, and those who have been the girl he cheated with.

I identify with the women who feel like they doesn’t have enough time and/or resources to take care of herself.

I identify with the women who are occasionally depressed.

I identify with all the people who are just trying to figure life out.

That’s why I’m here, it’s probably why you are here too. But don’t worry girl, we will figure it out together.

#Connect with me. Talk to me, share your thoughts. Tell me how you feel. Tell me about your day. Or just tell me how you identify.

Check out Jessie Ware’s Who Are, which was the inspiration behind this post. (I listened to it on repeat as I typed this out. Real emo style.)

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