Writing more part 3: my son is crying. Plus a few ideas I had in the shower.

My son is crying in the background and today is the day that I let him cry it out. I always eventually come to my son’s rescue. Unless we are at school and he’s in his class. Then I am forced to let him cry. Today we are trying it at home. So I’m writing, it is 10:06am.

He also cried while I was in the shower. I’m pretty much just saying, he’s been crying for a while. But I came up with some pretty good shower ideas! I’m committed to getting them all out while he cries and the ideas are still fresh.

If we are here that long…. which we probably will be.

He’s a cancer.

So the first idea I had was: No Spend November! Yes, a no spend November in the month of Black Friday. But I do have some exceptions:

1. I will make a budget for food and gas.

2. I will also budget for necessaries (and emergencies) like toilet paper and tires but only if necessary. 😜

3. I can spend, if it’s a black businesses. (Because of course I had to give myself a treat.)

(I had to add a note here to create a wishlist of thing I want(ed) to buy when No Spend November is over.)

I will only cook (or buy from a black restaurant.) I will commit to No Target or Amazon shopping. Those are my vices.

However, I mayyyyy have to go to Target today because we need toilet paper but after that, NO TARGET. I promise.

*Buy Black. I think it’s important to control the narrative, so I’ll start by controlling mine. Black Friday is a holiday for us consumers. But I want to control the narrative by making Black Friday, about the black dollar.*

Darn, I was honestly hoping he’ll stop crying by now because I can barely remember the others.

Oh yeah! I think I’m going to start selling my clothes on Depop. I’ll take pictures of some items I want to sell later on.

I was also thinking about doing a birthday shoot in this super cute local studio I seen on IG. I already have the perfect dress.

I also though of writing about my ex’s. But…. maybe not that lol.

(He’s stilllllll crying guys. He’s a fighter. It’s 10:19.)

This is actually an iconic scene right now because he’s so miserable over there in the corner but I’m smiling into my phone as I listen to Nat King Cole’s “The Girl From Ipanema.” Can you image the bliss? The contrast is amazing. (I don’t really talk like this in real life btw…. unless you’re white. I speak Ebonics.)

My son just looked over at me to see if I’m still here. I’m laughing hysterically inside. Omg, can you imagine what he’s thinking???


“Don’t you hear me!?”



Anywho, I’m thinking I should build an email list. I think I will make a blog post per email subscriber. And I’m trying to blog at least 4 times this month. So please come back so you can subscribe. (Edit: I actually found out how to add it, it’ll be down there 👇🏿)

I thought about releasing some new info on my passion project The Connect, this month too. 🤫

Y’all. He still crying. It’s 10:42. He stops for a few seconds and then continues. I’m kinda interested in seeing how long this lasts. I’m not going to tell you a lie though, I did cheat. I got up to check and see if he wanted to come to me but he refused, so I’ll keep letting him cry.

When I edit this, I may leave a playlist of what I’m listening to as I write this, to snazz it up a bit . Ironically “Cry Me A River” is playing right now. It’s 10:45am.

Stephen King said that writing was like time travel, and I just Jay Z laughed in my head at the thought.

Ok, he has until 11:06 to get this cry out or my neighbors might call the police. I just found out today, that you can totally hear my son crying outside even with the doors closed. That realization made me a little glad I do come to his rescue. You know how some people like to mind your business.

I think he’s stopping.. nooo… maybe not.

Almost forgot about you guys. It’s 11:01 now but my son finally came to me about 3 mins ago.

He gave in. Typical male, huh. They all come back around eventually, as long as you stand your ground. My son is the only man I’m waiting for though.

And that’s on what girls??

That’s right. Period.

FYI: my son is sleep has fallen asleep.


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