Sundays Are Not For Working.

I don’t work on Sundays and I never want to. I feel like in anything and everything, you should establish boundaries.

At my day job, since I work with my mom, one boundary I established early was that I don’t talk about work at home. My nights and weekends are mine. This was a hard concept for her to get jiggy with. She’s a Virgo. She thinks that work should be my life, I disagree. I also have to remind her often, that this business is her dream, not mine.

And even when I have my own business to run, I refuse to let it become my life. First of all, I am a mom. I never want to become too busy to spend time with my son. Thats why I call Sundays, sondays. It’s our time. Not to say I won’t totally send my son to his dad for brunch on Sunday but still. The idea is to keep that day free for play, always.

So Sundays are not for work will be my first rule or boundary I put in place.

The second is, I don’t do phone calls. Sorry, not sorry. I am one of those people. I hate talking on the phone period, especially about business. I’m always busy, even when I’m not. If I’m not actually working or with my son, I’m busy with my thoughts. Or even if I’m just scrolling through social media, I do not care. I’m still busy.

Nothing makes me roll my eyes harder, than a phone call. Unless it’s a quick, hey do you want something to eat or a friend who needs to rant. Personal matters, phone calls are ok. If it’s business, please email me.

Emails or even text, makes it easier to keep a paper trail of things we discuss. You can easily go back to an email if there’s something you forgot or want to double check. Plus, I not a talker. I’m a writer. It’s so much easier for me to express something via written words than vocally. But I am a compromiser, you can send me a voice note and I’ll respond with a text. That’s cool.

I shouldn’t even have to explain why I have my boundary in place for it to be respected.

That would be my third rule. Respect my boundaries! For example, if I say “hey, I prefer to handle all business through email” don’t say “fuck her she feels, I’m going to call her anyways.” No.

Just how every one has their own love language, I have my own business language and if you want to do business with me, you should speak to me the way I want to be spoken to. (Unless you’re Jay Z. I would definitely take a phone call from Jay Z. As they say, there’s an exception to every rule.)

Lastly, I need freedom. In a sense, when it comes to creating, I want no boundaries. Which is why I can’t see myself working for anyone or with anyone who doesn’t allow me to be free. Free to be myself and free to express myself. I seen an influencer mention how she had to delete a picture she posted of her kid because of a contract she signed. I never want that to be me.

I have this thing with being controlled or being silenced. It makes me feel powerless and I will never give up my power. At least not willingly.

I may have to add to my list of rules/boundaries but so far that is all I have. 1. I don’t work on Sundays 2. No phone calls 3. Respect me 4. Allow me to be free.

That’s fair right?

And even if it’s not.

So what.

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