Yesterday was 11/11.

Yesterday I shaved my head bald.

Yesterday I found a way to get to the person I want as an investor to my publication.

So today, I made it do what it do.

I decided to buy my future investor’s wife, a candle. Not just any candle. A $40 Sensual Candle Co candle. I lit it for the first time yesterday, and remembered my negative remarks when I heard it was $40 back in Feb. Sis definitely shut me up because that candle is worth every dollar. Yes, it smelled lovely but my favorite thing about it was how slow it burnt. I could totally see myself getting 60 hours of burn time out of it.

I drove through the storm, cranky kid in tow, for this candle. The whole time I was thinking “please be worth it.”

I got the candle and made it back to my side of town in a timely matter.

Then I finished up my portfolio.

I had absolutely no idea what I was doing when putting this together. Just knew that I had to do something.

I’m so nervous. Because this could be it. This could be exactly what I need to really make my dreams a reality.

I have been trying to remind myself, that even if things don’t go as planned, to keep on pushing.

“Trust God.”

“Worry and faith can not coexist.”

But I’m still so nervous. I got into an argument with my mom this morning about skipping work to go chase my dream. I spent my day trying to put this portfolio together. I had to sit and watch the doubt run across my parents face as I told them about another business adventure.

The thing is, I know they probably get tired of hearing me talk about it and nothing coming from it but it has always been the same dream.

I have been on this path for 10 years but at least I’m still on the same path, ya know.

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