The Social Experiment

If you follow me on IG, you may have noticed me posting a lot more and sometimes posting the same thing in different ways.

There is a reason for that!

I’m trying to see which posts perform best. And at which times.

So far, I see that people interact most when I post pictures of myself. I haven’t really noticed a significant difference in interactions based on the times I have been posting though. Morning or night, the results seem the same.

Here’s a screenshot of my insights.

From this I can see that posting more is obviously improving my interactions but it’s not helping me get any new followers.

my top posts this week.
Check out how many people checked out my site ;(

Checking out your analytics is a #majorkey. I want to build an organic following while also remaining true to myself. So I’m basically just trying to see which parts of me people like best.

I posted a simple post of my blog’s logo earlier this morning, before 9. It has gotten only 26 likes since I posted it 6 hours ago, lol. I noticed people aren’t a fan of posts like this. Go figure, it is kind of boring.

This afternoon, I will post this one:

I’m interested in seeing which one does best.

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