It’s always the same 5 people supporting me, actually that number may be too high lol.

Ten years I have been *trying* to become successful, always giving it a shot and quitting again lol, but there have been a few friends of mine who never stop believing in me.

Well, maybe they did for a min, but every time I give it another shot, they are right back to cheering me on.

I appreciate them the most. If you’re reading this… Thank you.

One friend especially, who has always been there is Megan. She is my longest friend, about 14 years now. I was not the best with keeping in touch with friends from high school and before, but she has stuck around.

She has shown me the true meaning of friendship and I am so grateful.

I was having a rough day. It’s seasonal depression time, so you know. Despite my occasional moments of sadness, I feel like I’m doing pretty good though.

Won’t get me this time, depression!

I used to have a saying.. motto… whatever you wanna call it. And it was “choose happiness.”

I believe in that 100%, I’ll probably get into that in another post.

But as I was saying, I was having a rough day. Feeling down and then she texted me this

Warmed my whole heart. I almost let self doubt make its way in again but this brought me back up.

So thanks Megan, and my other loved ones who are reading. I appreciate you.

Little do you know, you guys are the main reason that after ten years, I keep trying.

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