The First Wives Club

Therapists don’t really appeal to me.

I was watching the First Wives Club and one of the members had a therapist. She was bragging to her husband how she couldn’t wait to tell their therapist about how they were able to work it out.

Come to find out, he was leaving his wife for the therapist. Ha.

It was funny when the therapist reminded her that she was a woman. Like yes I’m your therapist but I have needs and wants too!


Because that’s really what it is. They are therapists but the only thing that really makes them different from you and me, is their degree.

They’re still human.

Could you imagine telling your therapist how you keep going back to your dumbass bf and she’s thinking in her head, what a f*cking idiot.

That’s why I’m weary of therapy. Do I really want to pay almost $300 to be judged by another human being who is probably struggling with his or her own internal issues?

I do not.

But I need some type of therapy and that’s why I’m here. Getting judged by you, for free.

I do think you’re more understanding than the therapist though. Well, I hope you are.

Writing helps.

It’s like a brain dump. These are my everyday thoughts… so could you imagine what it’s like to live in my head 24/7?

Lol, #hateithere!

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