Life and Storage

If you read my previous posts, you should know I am FED TF UP.

Lol not really, but really. Enough is enough. I’m ready to see what a healthy environment feels like. So I took the first step towards reaching this goal and moved all (most) of my stuff to storage.

I read this post from Twitter and it reminded to pull myself together. I’m a Pisces so self pity is my thing. Pisces are said to play the victim often but I honestly think it’s just because we really do mean well and people are.. people. ;(

(We don’t play the victims, we just are the victims! I am willing to die on this hill.)

However, the post was 100% correct. We, all of us, not just Pisces, have to change the narrative. It’s not about how bad we were treated but who we become despite of. So that’s my plan.

I keep thinking this could be my JK Rowling or Tyler Perry moment. I know “the culture” don’t like them like that but they still mad things shake despite their adversities. Gotta respect it.

The thought of moving.. in Miami.. by myself… in this economy…. is scary but it’s what necessary.

I hope this creates a ripple affect in my life. Like, “hey life! I made the first move, now it’s your go.”

Boom, UD finally reaches out and says I want to give you a $50,000 budget to start your business.


Moving my stuff to storage should be a win/win though. Because 1. I have always wanted to try a minimalistic lifestyle and 2. It should make it a little easier to move when I do find a place.

I have had a storage locker/room on and off for about 8 years now. AI have used Public Storage and Extraspace before. I’m currently using Life Storage and I love them simply because their branding is cute. I’m a sucka for cute branding.

(Although the garage doors are always broken at the location I use. 🙄🙄🙄)

I’m definitely planning on going through all my things and putting some stuff up for sell. Stay tuned for that.

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