Staycation Me Please

One of my favorite tiny self care luxuries is getting a hotel close to home and relaxing.

So far, I have tried 4 spots this year.

1. Domio Wynwood

2. SpringHill Suites

3. Hampton Inn

4. WoodSpring Suites

Domio was my favorite because I love hotels that feel like apartments. SpringHill Suites is my second fav because it was stylish plus they had breakfast. Actually, SpringHill might be the more resonable choice.

At SpringHill suites.

Hampton Inn will probably be the one I wouldn’t visit again.

It gives me… work trip vibes. It’s very outdated when it comes to design. But they offer breakfast. The reason I wanted to stay there was because I had the breakfast when we stayed at one while visiting GA. It was my first time experiencing the free breakfast hotels offered.

I’m a sucka for free food.

They let us make our own waffles, they had smoothies, different hot breakfast options and fruit. It was beautiful.

Things have changed since Covid-19.

Now, the just offer bacon and eggs for your hot breakfast options. Cereal, bananas and yogurt are still options though, thankfully.

I’m definitely trying to visit a hotel that has a freestanding tub, preferably one with a view. And if they offer complimentary breakfast, that would be a plus. Do the fancier spots offer breakfast? 🤔

Getting away is definitely a must.

Some moms may need it away from their children but I take mine with me. I think he’s finally starting to enjoy it as much as I do.

Eli and some mess.

My son is a homebody, like his momma. I think part of the reason I love apartment like hotels, is because they feel like the can be home.

I can’t wait until I have a place of my own that’s serene enough, that I don’t feel the need to stay-cate.

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