My talk with the pyschic.

Yesterday I called a pyschic.

Don’t judge me, please.

I don’t really believe in pyschic per se, but I do believe in spirit guides.

I was actually looking for a shaman which lead me to this “psychic.”

Anyways, I called the guy.

I was a bit skeptical of course because I had to book the call online and felt he had plenty of time to google me and find things out since I’m pretty much an open book.

Immediately after our introduction he said that I was an old soul.

“This is true” I told him.

He mentioned some things that made me think well maybe.. but…. nah.

1. He mentioned my dad by name. Of course this is public records but considering we had just gotten into a fight, I was like ok Mr., have you been on my blog? (I didn’t ask him that for real)

2. He mentioned that he seen a lot of creativity, music and travel. I thought the travel thing was spot on because I had spent the weekend in a hotel and was just thinking how I would love to be able to travel full time with my son before he starts school. But again, had he read my blog, he would know about my mini trips, right?

3. He told me that I lacked structure. Now he was absolutely right about this one and I’m not sure if the blog gave that away. He told me I needed a business plan, that it seems like I’m kind of just winging it. Now that I think about it, he could have gotten this from my blog too if he read my about my UD mission, lol.

But I needed to hear that. I completely lack structure. I have ideas and I kind of just act on them when they come. No plan, just vibes.

To be honest, plans scare me because I feel like they take away the authenticity. Like imagine if I planned my blog posts? It would take the fun right of it. But if I want an investor, I do need a plan. My ideas won’t be enough, it’s probably why UD hasn’t contacted me yet. 🥺

4. He told me I had a busy mind and suggested I bathe with apple cider vinegar and baking soda. I looked it up, it’s a detox. I tried it. I’ll let you know if it works.

5. He suggested I wear a red string around my left wrist, and a gold anklet on my left ankle. The string to ward off negative energy and the anklet to keep me grounded. I’m trying this too.

6. He told me I will live to 90. In my true emo fashion, I was sad that I would live that long. You know that DMX line that says “to live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in the suffering” (when googling this lyric to make sure it was right, I see that it is a Friedrich Nietzsche quote. Whomever that may be.) Hearing that I will live for 60 more years was like hearing how long my prison sentence will be.

I didn’t ask for that information, he just told me. That wasn’t what I called for. I don’t know what I called for tbh. I was just searching for answers I guess. I was desperate. It had been a tough week.

Again, please don’t judge me.

Oh he and also told me to exercise or I’ll be fat.

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