Have a seat. – Life

Nothing like good ol life to humble you when you start feeling yourself a little bit too much.

That being said, it has been a humbling couple of weeks for me. Let me share some of my humbling experiences with you.

1. I had a pretty good day at work one day, only to come home and noticed my ankles looking a little.. dry. 🥴

2. I realized that I spelled “psychic” wrong throughout a whole previous post. (And you guys who are reading could have pointed it out for me. Gosh.)

3. The lady who called my job today and totally caught me off my game.

4. This guy I thought I might like treating me like I’m not *that girl* I am in my head.

5. Getting sent a XXX video of me by a guy I was sleeping with’s GF. (Long story) also sorry mom and dad, your daughter is a freak. Hopefully you’re not reading this.

6. Having to pull money from my savings to make it by one week.

7. Hearing the cost to replace my tires.


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