Thank God it’s Friday.

Today was….. a day. That’s usually what I say when I don’t know how else to describe my day.

I was reminded why I hate my job again. I don’t like to deal with people.

And at my job, I have to deal with too many.

This sort of thing always happens when I get a little too comfortable with my job and boom! It’s like hey, no. This is not the place for you.

My mom offered me a raise this week and I was happy to know I was finally going to get paid enough to actually do my job.

But then I got a phone call from a rude customer today. I felt bad at first because I suck at communicating and people make me nervous. Especially when it’s people I have to “sell myself” to. After further thought, I realized that she was just a b*tch.

My least favorite thing, is when people try to tell me I will have to deal with this in whichever field I choose to be in.

I refuse to believe that.

One, I can be way more selective with who I deal with in the career I would like to be in.

Plus I noticed that people try you less, when they need or want what you gave to offer. So I believe that people will try me less when I’m in my right field.

I also hope to be able to assign someone the job of customer service when I start my own business.

I’m so tired.

One day I will stop complaining about this job and just quit.

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