Too Cool For IG

One thing about me, I’ma post a mirror pic.

I’m stuck between staying myself on the gram or trying to meet the standards to encourage my engagement by posting cooler pictures.

Scroll through IG and it’s like everyone has become a performer.

Everyone is posing for a pic, even the people who hate taking pictures. Like me.

It’s hard enough posing for a pic when I have to, can you imagine me posing for a pic solely to post on IG? It will feel so unlike me. That’s why I don’t ask for pictures. If you catch me, and I like it, that’s great. But I rarely, if ever, stop in the middle of regular activity and ask someone to take a picture of me.

But everyone’s doing it.

Everyone is doing it for the gram, or tiktok, Snapchat, Twitter, FB, whatever their vice is.

I understand that doing this IS true to some people’s character though. People who grew up attractive, are used to and enjoy taking pictures all the time.

But me, I’m the ugly duckling who is still not comfortable in front of a camera and I doubt I’ll ever be.

I do enjoy a good selfie though. Pictures I take of myself > pictures other people take of me.

So, what should the camera shy introvert do in this case?

I’m trying to figure it out.

I had a whole 30 day plan to build up my engagement but it will require me taking a lot of pictures, I think.

Or maybe not. 🤔

Stay tuned..

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