Brands and Branding.

My goal these past few months have been branding. I am currently working on two different brands. Which is this blog, my own personal brand. And my passion project, Connect.

Although there are two separate brands they are still in sync. Or should I say #connected 🌚

See the vision for my brands is for one to support the other. serves as a “behind the scenes” of me trying to build the Connect. You know, the stuff that happens in between.

I also wanted to take from what I loved about blogs coming up. I loved Tumblr and if you are viewing from a computer, I think that influence is apparent, I also wanted it to be authentic, my favorite blogs where the real ones. The ones that made me laugh and resonated. I want this blog to be a source of entertainment for it’s visitors as well as I place for inspiration and motivation.

I’m always curious about how things got started like, what was the process. I also wonder about who are the people behind the scenes. What are the things that shape who they are? What do they read? Who do they listen to? How do they handle their day to day struggles? How do they deal with failure?

That’s what this blog is for.

Now, Connect will be the fruit of my labor. It’s my baby. I have been pregnant with this idea for 10 years. (Every time I think about how it has really been 10 years, I just shake my head.)

Connect is something I’m working on for the creatives where I live. It will be a local publication that I hope serves as a resource and a platform for our locals (and others) to share their talent.

When I first got hip to South FL’s creative scene it was like a whole new world. It was the first time I met people who I could really relate to. It felt like home. I was able to be my authentic self without being judged. Friends and I were throwing events down in Wynwood before it become the Wynwood that you see now. If you ask me, Wynwood is what it is today because of us, the creatives who often get overlooked.

I met some incredibly talented people being on the scene. They inspired me immensely and they are the reason I want the Connect to come to fruition. I always felt like what we needed was a hub of some sort. To serve as a resource, so people can find all the cool sh*t Miami has to offer. Well not just Miami but South FL in general. That’s what I hope Connect becomes.

Well now that you know what the vision behind the brands are, check out what I have come up with so far.

I’m using because it’s perfect for amateur graphic designers like myself.

So what you see here is some logo samples I have. Jori, who is also designing the Connect publication, created that cute Connect logo that you see to the right. The next 3, are “logos” I kind of created myself. I say kind of because as you can see, there’s not much to it. I actually just downloaded the font that you see on my blog because I loved it so, and decided to stick with it. Next I have a simple C. , which I think is neat because it can serve as a logo for both brands.

The period placement here is also important because I’m playing on the CO that I was forced with when choosing the Connect’s IG handle. @theco-nnect. I thought it was suitable since Connect is for entrepreneurs so.. CO-mpany.. CO-nnect.. So I threw the period in the to serve as a little O, lol. I’m sure no one will see it that way though. I also thought about it just being a dot, for connecting the dots. And also since PERIOD is now Miami’s official slang word thanks to the City Girls. I wanted to incorporate the “.” throughout my branding.

The reason beind my brand colors are simple. Black and white = newspaper. Blue = is my little shoutout to the late great, Nipsey Hussle. Who is a big influence for me.

The dark blue will be used more for my Connect brand but the lighter blue will be used for my personal brand. I want both brands to still blend well with each other, so I’m not trying to make them too different. I use the lighter blue in my IG stories. The goal is to make it look like an iPhone text. Which also plays on the Connect brand. Staying connected, the digital/technology theme. And when you think of texts, they are more personal so I would say that is also fitting for my personal branding.

For example.

I also love love love the Gloomy Dayz filter on IG. I find that it also works with my branding since the font gives old newspaper vibes.

I’m still toying with that idea though because I’m not sure if it is too much.

Tell me what you think!

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