My 40th Post

*pops bottle*

Cheers to my 40th mfing post!

You should know, I look for any reason to celebrate. 40 posts isn’t really a milestone maybe but considering how inconsistent I am and how I start so many things that I never finish, I am happy to have made it this far.

My first post on was on July 23rd. Which means I have been blogging for roughly 4 months.

My best month so far has been November.

550 views and 120 visitors. Although these numbers look good, the numbers below show me that people are coming to my site but not many are actually reading my posts 🥺

My most viewed pages and post.

I’m not so mad at that since I really haven’t been posting things that are worthy of attention lol. Honestly, this blog has just served as an online journal for me. And if you have read my first blog, I did forewarn you that I probably wouldn’t be talking about much. 🤷🏾‍♀️

I do like that people are clicking on the Connect page because that means that they either are familiar with what I’m doing or that they want to stay in touch with me. I’m happy with either reason.

My top post is my Social Experiment post. Which makes sense. That is a post that is actually a little bit informative. I also linked that one on my IG, telling people to visit if they wanted to know why I kept posting the same picture over again.

I guess they did.

I made 18 posts lasts month. Which is like 50% of my blog content. 🥴 It’s why November has been the best month. I posted more, I encouraged engagement through my social networks and it helped!

This month my goal is to simply beat my last month. More views, more visitors, more likes, more comments.

I also want to start blogging about more than my sad girl woes. So that’s why you’ll be seeing more music posts, for one. I, of course, want to start sharing more of my progress with blogging and with passion project (Connect). I also might do a couple wig reviews, and may even throw in an interview here and there.

I’m not sure. I’m still trying to figure things out.

I’m taking this course by my favorite social media follow, Alex Wolf, that is supposed to help me produce better content.

One of her first questions is, “Why Are You Here?”

To answer that question, I’m here to be the resource/person I wish was around when I was younger. I really just want to help people. That has always been my goal. With both brands, my own and the Connect, the goal is to help people. I’m hoping my personal brand helps other people, especially creatives, navigate through this crazy world. And I hope that my passion project helps those same people plus more, with their businesses.

My all around brand or brand goal, you can say, is to help people succeed on all levels. Success in our personal lives as well as our work lives.

I’m so thankful for each of you who reads my blog. You guys keep me going.


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