OK, Maybe i’ll try therapy.

I have wrote about my opposition towards therapy before. And it still stands strong. I don’t believe in what they call talk therapy. I have had two personal experiences with women who call themselves therapists and those experiences have led me to the conclusion that I never want to sit in one’s chair.

They made me see therapists for who they are.


How do I expect these people to help me with my problems when they have their own problems that they can’t seem to fix? I mean, they were pretty young and may not have had as much experience in therapy as other, more seasoned, therapists but either way, it was a no for me.

But after another struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts, I give in. I have to try something.

So hypnotherapy came to mind.

I am really into holistic health and the power of the mind and things like that, so hypnotherapy made sense to me. Although I do think some of the hypnotherapists are con artists, I found one who seemed legit. He had 49 google reviews and all of them were 5 stars. Every single one.

So I went to his site, I watched his 50 min video and scheduled a free consultation.

I am desperate at this point. Something has got to give.

I refuse to let the depression take over my life and stop me from becoming successful or keep me from being the best mom I can be for my son.

I’m sure these sessions will be expensive, I estimate at least $200-$300 a session, but if that is the cost of my happiness, I will gladly pay it.

I will update later.

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