Happy New Year.

It it’s 10:24pm and I just finished reading Stephen King’s book, “On Writing”.

They say how you bring in the year is how you’ll spend it. Well I brought it in depressed, unshowered* and asleep. So I hope that isn’t true.

I may have brought the year in on a bad note but I spent the first day of the year well.

I completed 3 books today. Two, that I started last year *giggles*. One was of course Stephen King’s. Which I started months ago, but today I made it a goal to finish it and I did. The other was Matthew McConaughey’s book. Did you know Matthew McConaughey had a book? I didn’t until I seen it on Audible’s best seller list. It’s called Greenlights, it was just released in October of 2020. And it was a good book.

Matthew is one of my favorite actors. Plus I love to hear him speak so I was totally down to listen to him tell me his life story. I am usually not a fan of audiobooks but I may have become one today.

I think I enjoy listening to authors tell their own stories.

But anyways, I came across Matthew’s book a couple days and ago and I knew within a few minutes of listening that I would need to purchase the physical copy of the book to have in my collection.

I think my favorite part was when he talks about the moment he met his wife. Because that’s how I would hope my future husband recalls how he met me. But I won’t spoil the book.

Another notable mention was when he spoke of finding the book “The Greatest Salesman in The World”. Which is the 3rd book I read today, on audible. So I guess that really means I listened to it?

It was a fairly short book, only about 2 hours long. Now this book is really supposed to take 10 months to read but I wonder if anyone really reads it as the books suggests.

I seriously thought about it but I had to know the rest of the story. I do think I may reread it in the pace the books tell you to, though.

This was also a great book. It reminded me of another favorite “The Alchemist” which if you haven’t read, I’m sure you have heard about.

I’m a fan of self help books, especially those that come in the form of parables.

Matthew’s book was something like a self help book too but in the form of a memoir or as he calls it, an “approach book” .

I don’t know why Stephen’s book took me so long to read. It’s not because it isn’t good, I enjoyed it. I think it was more like, you know, when something is really good and you try to take it in slowly so it can last longer. Yeah, I think that’s what it was. Mixed with a little laziness and a lot of distraction.

I had gotten spoiled with audible books quickly. I had listened to the Greatest Salesman’s audible while following along with a PDF version I found online.

I was thinking I was a child for wanting to be read to while I followed along. Then, as I was trying to cheat and find the audiobook to Stephen King’s book on YouTube for free, I came across this video and look at the first comment.

I am not alone.

So yeah, I finished 3 books today and despite what I was doing when the clock striked 12, I do think I brought in 2021 good.

I have no new year’s resolutions other than to live more and love more. And perhaps read and write more. (Which is one of Stephen King’s tips to better writing, reading and writing more.) I have created a list of Audiobooks I would like to buy, which I may share in my next post.

But, until then, cheers to us. We did it, Joe. We made it to 2021.

  • Chieaynne.

*unshowered is indeed a word according to the urban dictionary.

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