My new favorite bra.

I had another sappy post but I decided to take a break from it and share some joy.

And that is the joy of finding a great bra.

Now I have only just a few years ago upgraded to buying real bras. Before, I was buying Target bras (which I guess are real bras) then I started buying my bras from Urban Outfitters. My UO bras were really just bralettes but as a member of the STC (small titty committee) this was just fine for me.

Finally I started buying bras from Rihanna’s line, Savage x Fenty. If you’re familiar with the brand, you know they always have a sale. Although this line does consist of “real bras”, I do only put them a step above buying bras from the kiddie side of Victoria Secret.

Only this year did I step my cookies up and buy some, as I would call it, grown up bras.

From ASOS, also on sale.

I say all this to say, that buying a bra for $70 was completely out of the question for me. I don’t believe in spending that much on something I don’t even enjoy wearing. But I had seen and bought the outfit in the featured picture, (which is not me btw, this is me.) and wanted the exact look.

I’m not saluting btw, I am adjusting my glasses.

So I google searched for a purple bra and could not find any of the right color. But luckily the lovely owner of the shop I bought the suit from, tagged the company who made the bra she was wearing.


So I visited the site and because I am cheap (read broke) I purchased it through After Pay to take the sting away of actually spending that much on a bra. Me and my Pisces delusion.

The bra came in cute packaging in a mesh bag that I figured was a bag to wash my bra in. (I was right, super cute.)

But not only was the packaging and the bra cute, it fit like a charm! I honestly have never had a bra that fit so well.

It was worth it.

I did notice I ordered the wrong style, the lady in the picture is actually wearing the Plunge style, I ordered the Balconette.

I think I may order the other style just to see which one I like better plus, that just means I’ll have two great fitting bras and I’m with it. I also plan on ordering a pair of the underwear to match.

I am hoping that between now and my birthday (March 12) that they have a sale but we shall see.

So if you’re searching for a comfortable, everyday bra and don’t mind splurging, I definitely recommend CUUP.

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