Humble Beginnings.

As of today, I have 25 WordPress followers. And 8 email subscribers. 2 of them which are myself. So I guess that means I only have 6.

I sent out my first official newsletter today. I had sent one out once before but it was really just a tester and a template I used from Flodesk. Words and all. So if you’re one of the 6 subscribers that got that email, sorry for cheating you.

But I promise, from here on out, that my emails will be organically me.

Pinky promise.

I have 52 posts and today I finally hit 50 likes today.

I am so thankful for every single like and every single follow. Honestly, each time I get a notification, I smile from the inside out.

Because it’s only a few of you, you mean that much more to me.

I am so grateful.

So I just wanted to say, thank you.

– Chieaynne

PS, if you are not signed up for my email list, you can do so here. 😘

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