Retail therapy.

Girls (and guys) you know I’m not just here to let you in on my woes, but to actually be helpful. One thing I love to do when I’m in a funk is to shop. (Which I should definitely stop, because it has me in debt.)

Retail therapy is oh so sweet. Yesterday, I had just about planned my exit until my packages arrived. My Telfars FINALLY came. And considering I had been waiting for them since August, it boosted my mood a tad.

Made me realize how much shopping is actually is therapy for me, I used to think it was a joke. But nah, shopping is a sweet escape. How can I cry over my misfortunes when I just got a pair of new shoes?

So on that note, I wanted to share my favorite places to shop. Here we go.

First on the list, is They have sooooo many options, plus they offer express shipping for a YEAR for just $19.00. I have gotten this service one year and it was bomb. It’s great for those last min situations. Got a date this weekend and you don’t know what to wear? ASOS is your girl. From shoes, dresses, accessories, everything is there. And with such a large variety, you are guaranteed to find something you’ll like. Name brand things too, like Nike and Tommy Hilfiger (it has def made a come back). But my favorite-est thing about ASOS is that they offer Klarna as a payment option. If you don’t know what Klarna is, you should.

Na-kd is a newly found fav. It’s more for the minimalist chick, which I try to be sometimes. If I had to describe Naked with two words it would be “simple and cute.” I especially like their selection of tops and sunglasses. I also love how fast their shipping is. I ordered from them twice durning COVID, and both packages arrived in like 3 days. They ship with DHL who delivers packages like they’re dealing dope. Now, I haven’t ordered from them in a minute but I have gotten packages delivered by DHL and they have slowed down a bit, hopefully this is only temporary.

Love sneakers? Me too. GOAT is my favorite place to shop for those sneakers you can never get off the sneakers app, only because they offer Afterpay, so that $400 pair of shoes you want is now $100, so it seems. They had better reviews than it’s competitor StockX, apparently GOAT ships faster. I have never used StockX but I’ll take their word for it.

My favorite place to window shop is Revolve. They are where I plan to shop when I find my rich husband. I love Revolve, I like to think of them of the rich girl’s ASOS, since they also have a large variety of items. You can find some reasonably priced items here though but the majority of the stuff is $$$. I think this is a great place to shop if you’re looking to splurge on a nice dress for a big night.

Happy shopping!

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