Today was a good day.

(Plus another CBD review.)

“Got on my suede shoes, I’m in a great mood” – Rick Ross

Today was a really good day. I woke up with the intentions of making the most out of my day and I can say that I did.

I actually made it to work on time (well I was 2 mins late but that’s on time for me). And that’s even with me taking the time to complete my morning skin care routine, sunscreen included.

I cleaned my office, organized some papers, did some things I have been putting off for weeks, all before 9am.

I ordered an acai bowl which is my favorite breakfast treat.

If you’re in the area, I ordered this from Raw Addiction on Door Dash.

Then I tried another CBD treat. A gummy this time.

The middle one is what I tried yesterday. The Just CBD ones are what I tried today and the Delta 8, are what I plan on trying tomorrow.

I’m not sure if it was the after effects of those CBD drops that got me going this morning or my self talks, either way. It worked.

The Just CBD gummies had nothing on the drops. Although I may have tried a bit more than the recommended dosage, doubting its strength. I took the recommended dose of gummies. Which was one (every 6 hours, if needed).

I did feel it. , I felt more relaxed. Not as anxious. I guess this is the feeling you are looking for when taking CBD. But as a former weed smoker, I was looking for yesterday’s feeling again. I’m actually starting to wonder if there’s a bit more THC than it states in those drops 🤔.

I’m going to try all 3 before I give my final review. So check back later this week.

But as I was saying, today was a good day.

I’m trying to establish some sort of routine. Although I loathe routines, I think it’s the only way I’m going to achieve the changes I seek.

I think the key to setting a routine, at least for me, is being real with yourself. Like I know I’m not going to go from being all over the place to strict and organized in one day, so why try.

So what I have told myself is that if I at least make an effort everyday to get the things I would like to do, done eventually it’ll become a habit. And I’ll get more and more things done.

Instead of starting with goals for the month or for the week, I’m starting with daily goals.

One day at a time is what I keep telling myself.

I also figured out the reason that I don’t take care of myself like I want to. The reason: it takes so much time!

It took me nearly 2 hours to do all my “self care” things. I exfoliated, washed my hair, moisturized from head to toe, completed my night time skin care routine (along with a face mask.) It doesn’t even seem like much but it took me two hours!

The thought of taking two hours EVERY day, to practice self care seems absurd as a single mother. I got it done today though. Actually, I didn’t even shave like I should have. Add that on, that’ll probably be another 15 mins.

Maybe I’m being irrational. Because I won’t really be doing a face mask every night. Nor will I be shaving every night. So maybe it can work. I definitely will (or at least want to) exfoliate every night. I think I have what the YouTube girls call KP. And some of them recommend exfoliating every night. I want to try it. I’ll post more about that another day though.

Today, I just want to give myself a pat on the f*cking back.

Today was a good day.

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