Happy birthday Jeff Bezos.

My second book of the year was “Invent and Wander” by Jeff Bezos. And I know we are supposed to hate Jeff Bezos because he’s a rich white guy, but I don’t. I actually think he’s one of the good guys, if there’s any truth to the words from his book.

Here are some notes I took from listening:

To be an innovator you must be creative, imaginative and curious. Passionately curious.

“I wanted to minimize the number of regrets I had” Jeff knew that he if he were to look back at his life when he was 80, that he would regret NOT trying to start Amazon. So he did.

Make risks. Use your heart and intuition.

It was important to Jeff that people he chose to work with were people focused and not money focused. Amazon is built on a “customer obsessed” foundation.

Build a culture of high standards.

Seek to fulfill a mission.

I also loved how Jeff Bezos’s mom supported his ideas since he was a child. I think that is a major key in many people’s success, having parents who have supported their interests through childhood.

This book was just a collection of his writings and I found a lot of repeats throughout. I’ll give it a 3.5 out of 5. It was enjoyable but I think all you have to do is listen to the introduction to get all the good stuff the book has to offer.

But, Jeff Bezos is definitely an admirable businessman. He gives his employees pretty good benefits, like paying their college tuition, 20 weeks maternity leave and he even offers a “pay to quit” benefit where he will literally pay you to quit. He wants his employees to be where they are happy. I’m assuming that benefit is more for the higher ups, but still a good benefit to have. He built his company around people. Truly doing things FOR THE PEOPLE. I love that.

Listening to Jeff’s writing inspired me to dream bigger and also think more about the work environment and benefits I would like to one day provide. For one, I would like to support my employees’s mental health needs. Maybe providing therapy and self care days. Considering my own struggles, that is important to me. I want to create a work environment where people truly care about one another.

So yeah, happy birthday Jeff! Thank you for your contributions.

(Don’t you love how I’m always on a first name basis with these rich and famous people, lol)

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