Happy Birthday Ms.Shonda Rhimes

Now, I wouldn’t dare try Ms.Shonda Rhimes with a simple “Shonda” because she is a black woman.

If you are black, you know what I mean. It reminds me of that clip where someone calls Dr.Maya Angelou “Maya” and she corrected them as any elder black woman would. (If I find the clip, I will add it).

They talked about it on The View and it plays about 10 seconds in.

I had to make that clear.

So today is her birthday and I finished her book “Year of Yes” today, it was GOOD. I think it was so good to me because I can relate to a lot of things she spoke about. Being a mother, being an introvert, being awkward.

I had too many of those “I am not alone” moments, which is another thing she spoke about that I related to. Finding your tribe, not wanting to be alone, wanting to be seen. I related to it all.

I think the one and only thing I didn’t relate to, was not wanting to get married. It is my dream to be married, honestly, and I kinda hate to admit it. I blame it on my Libra rising (you’re gonna see me talk about zodiacs signs often). I have dreamed about being married and my wedding since I was a kid, I literally planned my wedding as a kid. I had a binder and all. I wish I would have kept it. But yeah, Ms.Shonda Rhimes does NOT want to get married. She even broke up with a guy she loved because he wanted marriage and she didn’t. Wow. Could never be me, lol. I am sure I would be the girl to get married to a guy I just met due to love at first sight.

She doesn’t want to be alone, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she wants a man. I understand.. but again, I can’t relate.

Everything else though…


I took nearly 50 notes throughout listening to her book. Which she reads. (I love when an author reads their own story because it feels that much realer. Their own words, out their own mouth. Love it!) I took 49 notes to be exact and it would have been more but if I’m listening to an audio book, it’s likely that I’m doing something else at the same time and it’s hard for me to catch every “YESSS” moment.

I think my favorite take away was when she spoke about dreamers vs do-ers. She says not to be a dreamer, be a do-er. Of course she says in it in a more inspiring way but that’s the gist of it. Dreamers, dream and do-ers, do. I am a dreamer, I WANT to be a do-er and the way to change that is simple.

Start do-ing, duh!

And that’s what I have been doing this week. Instead of dreaming of the person I wish to be, I just started acting like her. I had told myself, if I practice being her every day, eventually I will become her.

When I say her, I mean the better me. The more polished, more organized, more confident, the more sophisticated me. The me I dream to be.

I have dreamed of being this girl since I was a teen. I used to say when I get older and have money. Or once Kanye dropped “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” it became “la la la wait till I get my money right” but.. my money hasn’t gotten right yet.

I have been waiting to hit the lottery. I have been waiting for people to help me become her. I have been waiting for some miracle to happen. Some life changing event where it just clicks and BOOM, better me is here.

The money may never come. No one is going to save me. God is not going to realize he made a mistake with me and zap me into a walking, talking Barbie. I have to do it myself, with what I got. I realize that now.

I’m fortunate to have the little that I do have. Which may seem like a little to me, but to someone else, I may be living like a princess. So I have enough to work with.

Ms.Shonda Rhimes brought that perspective to me. She made me realize a lot of things even though it wasn’t anything new that I learned, it was just a different perspective. It’s like trying on a pair of lenses, you may be able to see through one pair but THAT pair makes you see it crystal clear. She made me see things crystal clear.

Thank you for that Ms.Shonda Rhimes. I also think it is no surprise that Jeff Bezos was just yesterday too. Making them both Capricorns. They are so on brand for Capricorns, love them.

If you’re looking for some words of encouragement or just will simply enjoy a great story from a black woman, definitely check out “Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes. 5/5 will highly recommend

My next book review will be on “The Wisdom of Insecurity” by Alan Watts.

(Updated: Alan Watts is ALSO a Capricorn! 💫)

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