Goodnight, Insomnia.

It’s 12:15am and I can’t sleep. I would like to be to work by 7:30am. We shall see how that goes.

My mind is racing, and I feel like it’ll keep racing if I don’t get the words out my brain and into the screen. So I’m up doing just that. Brain dumping.

I think 90% of my blog is simply just me clearing my brain out. I blog in my head all day or maybe I think in blog format. Idk. I might actually edit this because it may be too much brain dumping.

But then it won’t fall under my “raw writing” tags which is what I have started tagging my posts that are straight from the brain. No edits, no grammar check, no “was that politically correct” checks, just raw writing. I think that’s most of my posts though, lol.

I wanted my blog to be real. Not all fluffy and edited and fixed to “be right”. I don’t want it to be right, I just want it to be real. I feel like there’s too much filtering and editing going on the net anyways.

I also wanted my blog to be somewhere you could escape to, as a reader. You can take a break from your sorrows and step into mine for a bit. Or at the least, listen to some good music. I want to post more music. I LOVE music. I started the series #songsthathelped to share music under but I also want to post songs that I just love. Because really, even those have helped.

I love to escape. I think it’s why I want to travel so bad. Traveling feels like you have entered a new universe. Like you’re on a whole ‘nother planet. The further you go it, the more different people are. At least it seems that way. The world is so BIG. So many different people, different perspectives, different traditions, different purposes.

I want to know so much about people and who they are, their stories. I love people. I always say this too. “I love people, I just don’t like them.”

I first learned that being able to love someone but not like them was even a thing, from my mom. Because she used to tell me that sometimes, “I love you, that doesn’t mean I have to like you all the time.” Then I had my son and understood what she meant.

I think that’s what I wanted to write about. What I wanted to get out. I wanted to talk about some things I like and love.

I love to inspire people. I like making people feel good, about themselves and about life. Even though I personally think it sucks, I like to make people think it doesn’t.

I love people, especially children because they have not yet been corrupted by society. Well not totally. I love kids and I would protect them with my life. All kids, not just mine. But I only like them sometimes.

I love love. I love the idea of love. I love seeing people in love. I love people who radiant love. I love people who look like love. Those are the ones who are loving themselves.

I love writing. I love blogging. I love MY blog. You’re supposed to build things you want to become successful for your “ideal customer” but I am my ideal customer. I am the one who wishes I had a blog like mine to visit years ago. Someone I can relate to and someone who is real. So I write and post for myself and hope others will like it too.

With my passion project “The Co-nnect” I may be a little bit more “customer” focused but, is me focused, unapologetically.

If you’re here it’s because you are my friend and you care. Or simply because you relate. Maybe both.

Either way, thank you. I will never get tired of telling you, thank you.

12:51 – I’m so going to be late to work.


– Chi


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