I have got some good news.

Yall. It has been a good week. I may have my CBD treats to think for that. My anxiety has been minimal this week.

The best news about this week is that……

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

I got approved for my first apartment. Your girl is moving into her own place this March. I may be bringing in my 30th birthday at my new place. 🥂


This will be my first time out on my own, I’m just a little scared but I’m ready for this new chapter. Hell, this is about to be a whole new book.

While I did hope I would be moving into my own HOUSE at 30, I’m still just as happy.

I have already started making my “housewarming registry” which I am totally going to share with you guys just in case you’re feeling charitable.

My future new home also doesn’t have the super cute kitchen I wanted, with the sliver appliances.

I remember seeing someone clowning people for having a white fridge in their home. Well… my fridge and stove will be white. *Oprah shrug*

But I’ll have two rooms, so my son can have his very own space. I think that’s what I’m most happy about. Being able to give my son a room. That makes up for the lack of updated appliances.

I don’t have the best credit (this is a safe space) and the thought of saving $5000 for first, last and a deposit seemed impossible as a single mother making what I was making. My mom just gave me a raise so I’ll be able to afford living on my own.

Listen, I know I’m telling a lot of my business but it’s important to me that I am open and honest just in case there’s someone out there like me. I know everybody ain’t got it and I’m here for you sis, cause neither do I.

This place is allowing me to move in with my credit, a $500 deposit and just first month’s rent. WHEW. Thank God. Again, it’s not the best of spots but it’s not the worst either. I actually really like it. I think it is the perfect starter apartment.

Now, I have been thinking about how to make a house a home. What things do I need to buy? What kind of art do I want? How will I furnish it?

Things I have never even thought about, because I never had to.

Did I mention how excited I was?! Because I am!!!

I’m trying not to get caught up on the thought of the it though, after reading Alan Watt’s book, I realized how thinking too much about the future can take away the joy of today.

(It’s so hard not to though lol.)

Speaking of today, I had a good day. It was the end of a good week. I got this text from my mom:

And I emailed some of our old parents from school to see how some of our old students were doing. These are some of the responses:

That made me extremely happy. Y’all know I don’t like my job like that but messages like these make me love it, even if just for a split second.

Despite the fact that I should be saving money, I splurged and ordered from my favorite restaurant, Havana 1957. I did delete a couple things in an effort to save money. My Jupina and chicken soup didn’t make the final cut. (I love their soup!) I really wanted them.

First time trying their empanadas. Yum!
My go to order, the fried chicken and Moro rice. Sometimes the be slipping on this order though. They have started putting my pickled onions on the side and ion like that *Yung Miami voice*
(For reference.)

So yeah. I think that’s it for today guys.

If you have any first apartment tips, so share!

Here’s a picture of my kid and his toys, that he packs up just to take them all out as soon as we get in the car. Btw, that mirror is there simply because I have been to damn lazy to take it off and switch it. Matter of fact, I’m going to do so tomorrow. Also my eyes were totally ok the road when I took this picture. It’s a mom trick, ok.

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