The Wisdom Of Insecurity

a book review.

I just finished listening to Alan Watts’ “The Wisdom of Insecurity” and it is a GREAT book, I got it off of Alex Wolf’s book list.

It’s a short book but filled with gems. I have the print copy as well and almost highlighted the whole book, I had to keep pressing pause and going back to catch all the drip he was dropping.

Some much wisdom-bombs are in that book. But I would say, if you’re one of those extremely religious people, this book is not for you. It may seem like Alan Watts is an atheist but I wouldn’t call him that. His philosophy reminds me of the stoics’s philosophy (which is a lot like the Taoism philosophy, actually.) He just gives a very logical explanation insecurity and life.

Here are a few notes from it:

“The only interesting people are interested people.”

“The greater the scientist, the more he is impressed with his ignorance of reality.”

“The more my actions are directed towards future pleasures, the more I am incapable of enjoying any pleasures at all.”

“They fail to live because they are always preparing to live.”

That’s all I will share because like I said, I wanted to highlight the whole book.

If you’re a deep thinker and like philosophy, I definitely recommend this one. It’s perspective shifting.
I won’t lie, the book did remind me of myself trying to explain my thoughts to someone. Like when I’m just saying the same thing over again but in 10 different ways.

But idc, because it REALLY makes sense. And sometimes, people need to dive deeper into a concept in order to fully understand it.

I give “The Wisdom of Insecurity” a 4/5. I highly recommend it to those who are open-minded. I give it a 4, because like I said, it is a bit repetitive. It could have easily just been an 10 page essay. I get why he made it so long though, some people may take longer to get it. But as a self help book fanatic, it wasn’t a far fetched concept for me.

The next book on my list is “Pussy: A Reclamation” by Regena Thomashauer. I’m a little nervous about this one because I’m not sure what to expect from a book titled “Pussy” but it’s has good reviews, so hey.

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