Older Men.

Ok guys, so what has been your experience with dating older men?

I had been saying that I would like to date an older man. And you know how they say, be careful what you wish for? Well yeah. That has been coming back to bite me in the butt because lately, old men are all I have been attracting.

And not the rich and handsome kind I had hope for. Today, I had finally pulled myself together a bit and got hit on by an older man at the doctor’s office. He was one of those older men who still thinks he is young, you know the type. Plus he was short and I’m pretty sure that he’s bald. Again, so not what I was expecting when I said I wanted an older man.

My daddy issues are not bad enough to be willing to date a man my father could be friends with. I couldn’t imagine taking these men home to meet my family.

The thought of dating these men makes me feel even more immature than I think I am. I’m honestly repulsed by the thought of being intimate with them. Like yuck. I swear, my inner child just jumps out anytime older men flirt with me. I just want to scream “SIR I AM A CHILD” 😭

Although I am 29 years old (soon to be 30) and any other sense, I am a grown a** woman (in my head).

When it comes to men and age, I like mine just right like Goldilocks. I don’t like em too old or too young. I tried dating a younger man, who was 3 years younger. Big no. I’m learning that I don’t even like dating men my age. I prefer my men to be around 5 years old. I think the oldest age that I’ll be comfortable with dating is 42. Basically not old enough to be my dad or my dad’s homeboy.

What are your thoughts? What has been your experience with older men? Am I being extremely immature or am I right and it’s gross?

Btw, so far the old man has called me 3 times and texted me with no response. Lol, I also don’t know how to politely and honestly turn these men down. Sigh.

Help me Howard.


  1. Honey Vonnie

    It’s funny to think, the older you get the older the men you consider to be “older men”, will also get. It’s creepy to think about. I have never dated anyone more than 2 years older than me.
    I did attempt to have a sugar daddy one time but the man could’ve been my grand daddy! And it didn’t last long because he didn’t like texting, he wanted to call and talk. Umm, no sir, not meeee! I won’t even mention how he wanted a kiss goodbye the second time I saw him.

    I’m bout to puke! Yuck. Older men 👎🏼

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