That’s right this post is about the p word.

I would like to take a brief moment to share with you all, this time I made one of those little paper gadgets we we played in elementary school. Where you had to “press here” then pick a color and/or a number until you reach the middle and…. I forgot what the point of the game was.

But I had made one that my mom found in my clothes while doing laundry and she thought I had tried to spell pussy. I spelled “press” or maybe (I was trying to spell “push”) as “puss”. I remember getting in trouble for it but I was honestly just trying to spell press (or push)! I was not fresh mom, just dumb.

But back to this post.

So I read the book “Pussy: A Reclamation” by Regena Thomashauer a couple weeks ago. It has took me so long to review it because I did not like it. I was not at all moved to share my thoughts on the book.

For one, Regena again proved to me that I am not as mature as I would like to be because every time she said “pussy” within the first 20 mins of listening to it, I giggled. Then I just became annoyed with the constant use of the word. Like ok girl, I get it. This book is about pussy. Ironically, it one of the main points she tried to make in the book, how we are all so uncomfortable with the word and how we shouldn’t be because it is the source of our power.

I get that too.

But still…….. no.

I have told you guys that I’m just a little bit racist and that I think everyone is, right? Well I am. It’s who the world has made me, and rightfully so. Everyone is a little racist.

That being said, I was turned off by Regena use of the wordd “goddess” because…… it just doesn’t feel right. When you think of a goddess, well at least when I think of one, I think of a woman of color or just someone of the culture.. like from overseas you know. Whether it be black, hispanic, or middle eastern.

I know that may sound ignorant but it felt really culture appropriation-ish. And it was a turn off.

There wasn’t much that I took away from the book except this one particular part where she mentioned finding the things she looked best in and sticking to it. Like a hairstyle that she liked and could maintain and clothes that made her look “hot”. I did take note of that.

And that’s about all I took note of.

But I did want to share some things of my own.

Like for one, PAUSE.

This is my safe place right? Ok so, with breastfeeding my son, and feeling really dehydrated, I had noticed that I wasn’t getting as….. wet as I used to before. Which didn’t concern me much because with being a single mom, who has time for sex?

I came across this YouTube video on accident, I swear I wasn’t looking for it. I think I was actually looking for a way to get rid of the hyperpigmentation due to ingrown hairs at the time. But I clicked on a video that mentioned vaginal dryness and took note.

So I ordered the product she talked about and I tried it, based on the comments recommendations, I took like 4 a day for about a week or less. I had set up a d*ck appointment and wanted to be ready.

It had worked.

I was back.

Temporarily because I haven’t tried it since because… single mom.

But I wanted to share that in case anyone else was struggling with the issue.

I also can’t find the video I watched originally, soooo you’ll just have to take my word for it. Or read the amazon comments.

And on hyperpigmentation. I was again reminiscing on the days my kitty was pretty. Now my hyperpigmentation is one of my biggest insecurities. I think it’s due to the shaving. See the days when I thought my kitty was cute were around the days I had just started having sex and just stared shaving reguarly. It’s been 10 years and it’s showing.

I desperately seeking a solution so when I get back in the game for real, I can be confident and not afraid of doing it with the lights on.

You know, these are real life issues for some of us women and I’m here to keep it 100.

I have yet to find a solution to this problem but it you guys have any tips, please share!

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