30 Days to 30.

I will officially be entering my 30s in 30 days.


As with almost everyone, I imagined entering my 30th year so much definitely.

Like I thought for sure I would be rich by now. I thought I would be married with kidS. Living in a beautiful house, running my own business from the comfort of my home.

Instead, I am a single mother who laughs every time I look at my bank account (not in a good way), moving into an apartment that’s not what I imagined and running my mother’s business. A job that I hate most times.

Life is funny ain’t it.

I also thought I would reach my fullest bad b*tch potential by now and yeah…. no.

Although moving into my own place should be a good enough gift, I would also like to give myself the gift of consistency.

I’m never consistent with ANYTHING. And if you are a subscriber to my newsletter, than you know this to be true. I haven’t sent out a newsletter in two weeks simply because I didn’t feel like it lol. I also changed my contact page to be a bit more realistic.

If inconsistency could be my brand, I would kill it. But unfortunately nothing much comes from being inconsistent.

So I want to challenge myself to do the things I wish I would do every day. Mainly, I would just like to prioritize my self care over these next 30 days.

The key is to be CONSISTENT.

I’ll be updating you guys as I go. Wish me luck.

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