But first, coffee.

38 days till I’m out of here!

My parent’s house that is.

I can not mf wait.

I have been window shopping for my new place since I knew I was moving.I am TOO excited. I can’t wait to turn my house (apartment) into my home. Full of things I love.

Once upon a time I entertained the idea of being an interior decorator, but I let that dream go when I thought you had to know how to draw to be one. I also let my dream of working in marketing go for the same reason. But thanks to social media you need little skill to become anything these days, just a large following.

Look at me getting besides the point.

I’m here to talk about coffee.

Turns out that I am one of those people who performs better when I have had a coffee. So I would like a coffee maker. A single cup coffee maker since it’ll just be me and one cup usually does the trick.

I had originally added the Keurig mini to my Amazon wishlist but before I actually share my list, I’m checking it twice.

Word to Santa.

The reviews had me rethinking, so I searched around and came across this one which is cheaper and you are able to brew coffee grounds (which I doubt I’ll ever use but it’s nice to know I can) and tea! But the Keurig is soooooo much cuter. 🥺

Good design always gets me.

And yes, I want it to be blue or teal because my kitchen is white with white appliances. I feel like the least I can do is add some color.

I also seen this super cute coffee cup on IG (that inspired this post) which has a lid so I can take my coffee to go. And it’s designed by a black man, HELLO!

Quick note on the black man that designed the cup, he’s a floral designer and makes the most beautiful arrangements I have ever seen and he has worked with Beyonce 😜.

Anita S’mora Camp Cup – $30

So tell me guys, do you have a coffee maker at home? Do you have any recommendations?

Let me know!

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