Health Insurance Is A Scam.

I started the year with big plans. I was going to “fix” myself up. I was going to see a therapist, and clearly that was a fail. Instead of therapy, I thought maybe I’ll just see a confidence coach and a speech coach.

Yeah…………. no.

I definitely looked into it but everything is just so expensive.

I had plans to see a dermatologist. Plans to balance my hormones. Let me tell you how that went.

First of all the insurance I picked is costing me $220 a month. Which I personally think is a waste of money.

Seen my OBGYN, got a prescription to some birth control that would help balance my hormones, went to pick them up and my insurance didn’t even cover them.

Seen my primary doctor to get a referral to see a dermatologist, and coincidentally the dermatologist had no appointments for the month and they were no longer taking my insurance starting 3 days from when I called.

My f*cking luck. So I pretty much wasted $450 on health insurance that has not helped with anything I needed so far.

Health insurance is a scam.

But I’m looking for another. I’m thinking ambetter. Is anyone familiar with it?

Help me! Before I give up on my health altogether.


But seriously.

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