What’s For Dinner?: Crispy Skin Cajun Blackened Salmon.

I like to cook because I like to eat.

I could not wait to get into my own home to really pull out my chef hat. One, because I will have leftovers! Two, because I have the freedom to chef it up without someone being in my business, lol! I enjoy my solitude. I like cooking with no one there to watch what I’m doing, especially when I’m doing something that is new to me, it gives me room to make mistakes.

I put together a binder full of recipes I want to try, to bring some excitement to my kitchen. Today I tried some Pomegranate Honey Wings for lunch. I must say, although they looked delicious-o, they didn’t hit as much. I think I will give recipes two tries before I completely write them off, for the sake of me having done something wrong. BUT I don’t think I did anything wrong here, I just don’t think they were that good. But I’ll let you know on the next try. I personally think I was looking for a flavor that was missing from the recipe, if I figure it out I may add it next time.

The star of today’s show is what I had for dinner, that salmon! This isn’t even a recipe that I have in my binder. I wanted to make some of the salmon I had in my freezer but unfortunately all the salmon recipes I had, called for ingredients I didn’t have. So I was just going to work with what I had but I found a Youtube recipe I could follow. Which you can find here. I think it was super easy to make and taste GREAT. I’ll give this recipe a 5/5, will definitely be making this again.

Oh and I had some sour cream and chives mashed potatoes with it. *chef kiss* the kind I used was the instant one mashed potatoes that came in bag, I knowwwwww instant potatoes are looked down upon but they were bomb ok. A quick and easy weeknight meal if you’re looking for one.

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