Welcome Home.

Hey y’all!

It makes me so happy to see people loving what I’m doing my home. Dealing with depression and anxiety, I really wanted to create a space that brought me peace. Although I’m no where near finished, I wanted to share what I have done so for. Starting with where I started.

So my first order of business was finding some inspiration and I wanted to see exactly what style I was going for. I did some quick research on design styles and discovered the style I liked most was electric.

Which is basically a mix of everything. I like this style because there weren’t as many “rules”. You are free to do whatever you like and that is so me.

Example of electric style.

Once I knew what my design style was, I took it to Pinterest (you can find my pins here) and went from there. Pinterest help me get a better idea of what I was looking for. I sorted them out by each room/area as you can see below.

Then I went shopping! Luckily for you guys, I thrive online so mostly every thing (if not all) the things I bought for my home is available online. I will be posting links!

(Also, NONE of this is sponsored and I don’t make any money of the links I’m sharing. Although I should be, lol.)

The first thing I bought was the couch.

The couch featuring my son, who was knocked out.

I wanted to make sure my home wasn’t as gloomy as I feel sometimes, I wanted it to be BRIGHT. And after two months of being here, I would say that it helps.

I started off with this mustard couch from Novogratz. The great thing about them is that they offer *afterpay. And that’s exactly what I used, plus a 15% discount code I found online. Do your googles folks.

Next, I bought my rug. You may know, my dream is to start a newspaper. So I like to keep stubble reminders of that, in everything that I do. That’s why I incorporated a lot of black and white. Plus I love zebras so I went with this zebra print rug from Ruggable.

Ruggable sells washable rugs. I felt that would be needed with the white stripes and having a toddler. Turns out the stripes aren’t actually white, however, more of a light grey-ish color. Which I’m not mad at. So far we have been doing pretty good, considering. They have been some spills but it has been easy to get up with soap and water. I got the 8×10 which I was afraid may be too big but I love the size. I think it’s perfect for my space.

I also brought a couple of door mats (that hello mat, this evil eye mat) and zebra bathroom rug. which I thought would be a cute little play on the zebra living room rug. All which I got from World Market.

I got the trash cab from IKEA.

I absolutely love that store. It has been one of my favorite places to shop online for home goods. It’s where I got my next purchase, which was this cute little bistro table.

I was going for French cafe vibes with this one. At first, I wanted to turn my dining area into a little nook but it was so hard to find a cute, yet affordable, corner pieces. While looking on YouTube for DIY nooks, I came across this one where she used this same table I have and I was sold. It reminded me of the cafe I worked at here in Miami called All Day. So French cafe vibes it was, plus it was so much easier to shop for. I got my table and found my chairs at Target.

Next I bought my bed.

I really had no reason bending down in these tight ass pants.

I had my childhood bed in storage but it would have required a platform which was going to be about $200. I figured why not just get a new bed then? The bed was a match to my dresser and I didn’t want to be so match-y match any way. Plus the interior designers will tell you that that matchy matchy stuff is no longer hot anyways. Mix and matching is in! I wanted a canopy bed and I found this one on Amazon.

Then, as my move in day was approaching I realized that I needed some storage solutions.

I had A LOT of stuff.

I had stuff in my storage room and stuff in my parents’s storage room. I guess you can say I was a bit of a hoarder but I have since got rid of a lot of that stuff. Thank God.

But yeah. Storage.

I knew for sure, that I needed a place to store my books, I really wanted these bookshelves from IKEA because they were so simple but they were never in stock! I ended up getting these from Target. Which are basically the same but they have a slight difference that I noticed and didn’t really like but it was the closet thing I can find to the ones I wanted and for about the same price, actually the ones I got were a bit cheaper than the ones I wanted, that is always a plus.

Last but not least, I got this cute little storage locker cabinet from Novogratz as well. (Btw, I love The Novogratz. They are a husband and wife duo with like 5 or 6 kids, love that. They also have some great stuff for great prices.) I ended up spray painting the locker Nipsey blue.

I haven’t fully decided on what I’m going to do with this area yet.

I loved Nipsey, I remember when trying to name my son, I thought of men I would like him to emulate and Nip was the first person to come to mind. However his name was a challenge for me to pronunce, so I chose another but it still became his middle name. And this was before he died! So you know the love is real. But that’s besides the point, the point is, I wanted to incorporate a little Nip into my home too, which is why I painted it. Plus, it’s just a better blue.

I left a lot of other things I ended up bringing with me to my friends and family. I created an Amazon wishlist of the essentials like utensils, cups and towels. And they definitely came through. But I may create another post of other things I realized I needed once I moved in. As well as my kitchen and bathroom transformations. And the other cute things I have been getting. If you seen anything you like that I didn’t mention where I got it from, it will probably be coming up in another post, but you can always ask! I’ll be more than happy to share.

But yeah, that’s about it.

I hope this was helpful to anyone who is about to move into their first home or just wants to redecorate theirs.

I also included a slideshow of what my apartment looked like before I moved in.

– chi.

Chi tip: I recently found out that you can split pretty much anything into 4 if you go directly through the Afterpay or Klarna app. So even if a place doesn’t after after pay, you can after pay!*

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