Updates: just some rambling.


You guys, I am noticing one of my major flaws and that is starting something but not finishing it.

As soon as things stop being fun, I’m out. I feel like I deal with enough stress to be adding unnecessarily stressful things to my life. But, am I just making excuses???

I also realize that I do that a lot too.

Making excuses.

I’m tired of making excuses. I feel like I could be so much better than what I am today, and that’s not to say I don’t think I’m great… because I am, in my opinion but I could just be better.

One of my favorite excuses for not being the better me at this moment, is depression.

I feel like depression took so much of my time, if it weren’t for depression, where would I be right now?

I’m out of my depression, and staying out of it is more of a task than I thought it would be. Once you work yourself up and out of the depression you were in, you kinda gotta fight to keep yourself out.

Which is what I have been doing.

My favorite thing to practice, to keep me in high spirits, is gratitude. Every time I find myself potentially slipping back into depression, I remind myself of how far I have come since my last episode of depression. And the one before that. And the one before that one.

I have came FAR. And I am so grateful.

Another helpful thing is music, and not music that makes me sad or further pushes me into my depression, but music that makes me dance.

Yes, I be dancing chile.

It’s my 2nd favorite thing to do to stay out of depression. Creating a beautiful moment and just totally basking in it. I take it all in, and just enjoy it. Enjoying the music, the environment, the light or the darkness, and whatever substance I’m using to escape my thoughts at the time.

I’m learning.

And I really want to start blogging more. I think about my blog everyday and the things I want to share on here but……

I felt an excuse coming.

I’m going to start blogging more. And if I’m not, please hold me accountable. Text me, email me, dm me on IG (chieaynne).

(I thank you in advance.)

I may get a little annoyed but I will appreciate it a whole lot more, lol.

So one of the albums I am loving right now is Wizkid’s “Made In Lagos” album. I know I’m late but better late than never right?

If you are trying to dance yourself out of a funk, check it out.

Love y’all.

– Chi

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