Can we bring back relationships coming before the sex? The times where you had to be my man before you get in my pants. We have all gotten way to comfortable with the idea of having sex without commitment. Sex is a very risky act that can be life changing. And these days It is harder to commit to a relationship than to commit to something greater, like the risk of changing your life with stds and/or pregnancy in the mix. You can easily break up with somebody but not all stds are cure-able (I know there’s a better word for this but my vocabulary sucks) and babies are forever. So isn’t sex the greater risk?

Men will easily stick their unprotected dick in you without knowing your sex history, and we women sometimes and stupidly let them. Because we don’t know theirs either.

And when I say we, I mean me.

You can and will, do as you please but I am tired of causal sex. After having my son, I got a little risky with my sex life. Relationships became less important and I just needed to get my rock soft, as the boys would say.

Edit** it’s rocks off.

I quickly (well maybe not THAT quickly) learned, that causal was not as fun as the tv shows make it seem.

Causal sex sucks. Because 1. Most men don’t even be know what they are doing 2. Sex without love (or at least strong like) is unfulfilling, to be quite honest.

I want to make love!

I don’t want rough, shut me up sex.

I want, “I love you, you are the love of my life, I want you to have my kids” sex.

Do not spit in my mouth. Passionately swap spit with me instead.

French kiss me, hello!

I want passion in the bedroom and I simply can not find that fucking the guy who texts me wyd, with no plans in mind, every day.

I can’t believe there are men out here who believe they don’t have to and shouldn’t do certain things in order to get into my pants.

Why do men think they don’t have to bring me flowers but still want to have sex me?

Why do men think they can text me once a week, and still have an honest shot at my private parts?

Is it because it’s true?

Am I fucking the text man for texts?

Am I allowing men to do the bare minimum and still have access to my golden pot?

That is what causal sex has become for me. Allowing men to do the bare minimum and have intimate access to me. I am over it.

(At least buy me a bag, N****!)

I want men to do more.

And not just for sex but for me, but for my loyalty and for my heart. But it is not my heart they want.

And that has become a problem for me.

Why can’t I find a man that wants my love as well as my p*ssy.

I continue to hear how great of a woman I am but yet, I can never find a man that I like as well, who wants to commit to me.

Although this has worked out for the best in most, if not all cases. It still has me in the thought process of “what’s wrong with me” what don’t these men see in me?

I know this is exactly what they say you shouldn’t consider but if you hear something more than once, it leaves you to wonder, what’s wrong with me? If I’m such a great woman, what’s holding them back?

I know I also have to consider it having nothing to do with me and everything to do with them. But, I’m just being honest here.

Eventually, I will settle on the idea of it being them not me. Because it’s what my confidence wants me to believe.

But, is it false confidence?


I’m in deep thought.

⁃ Chi

One Comment

  1. Christopher

    NOT ALL, but MOST men want women to give them everything, but the men won’t give of themselves in return. They expect intimacy from women, but yet won’t open themselves up. And instead they put on a mask, play games, and pretend to be someone they are not, and deceive themselves into thinking that women can’t see right through it. No wonder our sex lives as a culture are so devoid of passion and beauty. I empathize with your struggle.


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