I find comfort in the signs I believe my ancestors are giving me.

I find comfort in thinking they are here with me when I am at my lowest.

Reminding me that I am worth it.

In the smallest of things, I find these comforts. When I am on a escape through a playlist and that one song comes on that speaks to you.

Did you make that come on for me?

Thank you.

I find comfort in thinking they are speaking to me through numbers, tarot, books, music and even through other people sometimes.

That comfort is sometimes the only thing that keeps me moving forward.

The belief that someone, multiple people, are rooting for me behind the scenes.

I have so much belief in it, that I think that I’m going crazy sometimes. Because there’s no way….. right?

But it brings me comfort anyways, so I’ll keep coming back.


Everyday, I feel like I am faced with spiritual warfare.

Sometimes it knocks me straight down.

They play on my wounds. Teasing my trauma. Forcing me to face things, I thought I had gotten over.

Guess not.

I’m trying to heal, but you keep reminding me of the scars.

So I hide.

I am not ready to for the reminder.

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