I think I have been going about my interactions with people wrong. When I meet people, I try to meet them at the heart.

I try to see who they are, not what they look like or what they are wearing. I noticed those things before you even opened your mouth.

But when I greet you, when I open my mouth and you open yours in response, we have now open the door to a heart to heart connection.

It may not happen right then but it has the possibility to. Every time I meet someone, I wonder what they are adding to my life. Will you tell me something I will never forget? Will you say something that makes me smile? Are you a friend or a foe?

I even think, am I supposed to say something to you, that you will never forget?

But I noticed recently (I can be very naive) that people are not thinking about your heart value when you meet them, they are thinking about your social value.

They are finding your every flaw, they are calculating your worth by the things you have on, they are subconsciously comparing themselves to you.

I know because when I am not “vibrating at higher frequency” I do it too.

But the more I grow, the more I think others are too. The more heart to heart connections I think I’m making.

I think I’m making.

Forgetting that I was once them too, not understanding the power we offer. The power we have to add life or take life. To speak life or speak death.

And the choice we have every day, every second to bring light or darkness to a person.

So when I meet people, I try to meet them at the heart.

And when they try to meet me anywhere else, I get defensive. My anxiety kicks in. My nerves get shaky.

Because my heart is where I am most confident.

How dare you try to meet me anywhere else?

Meet me where I’m confident.

I’m not as confident in my skin, my body, my clothes, because I have not worked on those things as long as I have worked on my heart.

I have not given those things as much attention as I have given my heart.

That’s why I am confident it is a pure as it can be, because I have soften it just so I can meet you there.

So I can look at you, and see through you.

So I can be your heart’s friend.

So you can know what love is.

Love is me seeing you, through the things you wear, through the imperfections on your skin, through the things you think I want to hear. Seeing you. Seeing your heart.

So see me.

Love me.

Meet me at the heart.

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