Sex Thoughts

I’m trying to find out relationships work.

I’m trying to find out how to blur the lines between lovers and friends.

How do we remain friends while also not committing to a relationship?

Just respect for each other.

I will respect us having an intimate relationship by not having an intimate relationship with someone else.

I understood the need of getting to know someone better before committing to a relationship but I also would like to feel like my feelings are safe, as well as my health.

I brought up the question today, how do we communicate an agreement to not have sex with others, but while also agreeing not to put a title on it?

Is there a such thing as commitment without a title?

Also, in a generation of condom-less lovers, how do we ensure our health while also being logically and not rushing into a relationship we may not be ready for?

Is it possible?

Or say you are interested in multiple people at once, why not figure out which one you like best before engaging in any sexual activities with them? And then committing to just having sex with the one person.

You know, I’m just thinking about our well being both physically and emotionally.

– a horny adult who is not yet ready for a relationship but still needs some type of commitment (??)

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