A Prayer.

Dear God,

I come to you humbly, asking for your guidance.

Guide me towards your light.

Teach me to live in abundance so I may never have to watch my family struggle.

I ask that you guide the steps of my friends and family, so they are making the right decisions to keep them safe from harm.

God, I ask that you bless the ones I love, especially the ones who need it most.

I thank you for all the things you have given me.

I thank you for my health, my wisdom and my strength.

I thank you for the ones who came before me, who protect me everyday.

I pray that I carry your grace with me everywhere that I go and that people will recognize you through me.

I pray to stay faithful to your glory through all my daily activities and that I will live each day with intention.

May I be love, as you are love.

In Jesus’s name we pray, amen.

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