Dear God,

I pray that my depression does not overcome me.

I pray that I replace my laziness with diligence,

my anger with patience,

my envy with gratitude,

my lust with dignity,

my greed with charity,

and my pride with humility.

I pray that I remember times when I have been happy, and the times before when I wasn’t. So that it’ll be a reminder, that this too shall pass.

I pray I find a community that makes me feel welcomed, understood and accepted.

I pray for more meaningful relationships with people that I will always be able to call a friend.

I pray that I remember the power of gratitude, at all times, so that I can be more appreciative of the things I already have.

I pray for those who are suffering too. May they also find the things I seek.

May we all persevere.

In Jesus’s name I pray, amen.

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